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WoodnewtonAcademy Trust

Core Values

Woodnewton Academy Trust aims to build a community of prosocial, emotionally competent, independent learners who:

  • develop a love for learning,
  • excel academically,
  • are inspired to realise their aspirations and
  • become engaged citizens with a global understanding

by challenging all children within a dynamic, respectful and inclusive environment that nurtures the unique talents and abilities of every child .



What does Woodnewton Trust believe?

We place the child at the centre of everything we do.

We have high expectations and aspirations for every child.

We are advocates for children.

Together, we build a community of prosocial, emotionally competent, independent learners through...

  • Responsibility

  • Compassion

  • Integrity

  • Respect



We will

  • take ownership of our behaviour as individuals

  • have the courage to think and act independently

  • demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills

  • be reliable and trustworthy



We will

  • understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others

  • develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves

  • celebrate the contributions of others

  • promote a peaceful, caring and safe community



We will

  • stand up for what we believe

  • be honest with ourselves and others

  • demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions

  • fulfil commitments and promises



We will

  • believe in the inherent dignity of all people

  • celebrate individuality

  • value and appreciate diversity

  • honour self and others through words and actions


Together as a community we are committed to:

  • Striving for continuous improvement

  • Challenging our ideas and strategy


Helping one another to ask the right questions